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[Amateur film: Medicus collection: New York World's Fair, 1939-40] (Reel 4) (Part II)

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[Amateur film: Medicus collection: New York World's Fair, 1939-40] (Reel 4) (Part II)

Publication date 1939-40
Digitizing sponsor N/A
Detailed documentation of the "World of Tomorrow" in beautiful Kodachrome.




Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 22, 2005
Subject: Futurama Ho Hum

We continue where we left off in the last reel, namely just starting to enter Italys fabulous pavilion, and that FOUNTAIN. Again, its huge. We see many shots of it.. from the side, looking out through a window at it, etc. Its also got a statue of Marconi to supplement it. We then see a nice little sculpture work. Then we go the the Brazil pavilion, its quite big. With ponds complete with lilypads, Next we go to the Brazillian site, we see off to the distance where, yes, we can STILL see the Russian sculpture. Actually, theres lots of what weve seen before. Next, off to Australias pavilion, its actually quite dull looking, Next, off to the British Pavillion! Theyve got two honkin big flags, and two honkin big tigers leading to it. Cute little kid sitting there though. We then see an indentified building.. maybe its the same building? Anyways, we see a rather amusing portrait, it looks like it has all the kings and queens of England on it. Then we see the Coldstream Guards perform, but, once again, theres noone around to see them perform. We then go to the France pavilion, they too have a honkin big flag, and a nice pavilion. Theyve got lots of art and statues too. We then, once again go inside and look outside, where, yes, the Russian statue can still be seen. They then show some relief portraits. All the sculptures have fur on. Not too sure what thats about. We also see some stained glass, and what looks to be some perfume you can buy at France..
We finally leave the world pavilions, and go to the transportation area. This looks to be a separate area which you had to pay to get in, The Medicuses are seen entering a gate, so Im assuming thats what this was. We then enter.. please ignore the guy handing out sheets.. The first building we stop at is Chrysler, very nice looking building here. We then walk a little ways to a massive hangar.. Were talking hyuge here.. Not too sure who owned this. We then naturally see some planes here. Woo flashing lights! We then see a fountain and then go on the thoroughfare to an unidentified building, this is actually quite nice, blue and white wings.. with a fountain at the end of it. Then off to Firestone. Again, nice building here. Tires are being made here! We then take a boring tour of a Firestone farm where they, yes, use Firestone products. Again, this is much like the nudist colony and the midget colony.. Eg, Look at the man!! Hes got chickens, a cow etc. This is somewhat exploitive! The off to Ford! Nice building here.. Also I like the flags, rather weird advertising here Theyve got a awfully strange looking sculpture adorning the entrance.. Oh, and they have a driving ride! Weee! That looked cool! A lot of people seem to agree, look at the lines! And theres a sculpture of an axle in the middle of it! We then go the New World Ensemble conducted by Ferde Grofe Who is THAT? Apparently some Classical musician. It appears his schtick was performing with 4 separate pianists. Sort of like the guy from Anchors Aweigh. Anyways, hes more then happy to pose for the camera after the performance. Not that he has any fans or anything.. Then we see what appears to be a plowing demonstration. Then we go to what everyone thought was the cats pyjamas of the fair, the Futurama ride. MASSIVE crowds in line for this one. Like HUGE. About the Futurama itself. I guess you had to be there, because the whole thing looked sort of flat and uninspired.. Sure the moving vehicles were enatr, but dont you find this flat and uninspired?? Anyways.. After that (and that saves up 10 mins for me!) we go to the overpasses that were talked about in a film I saw.. I cant remember. We then are introduced to a train that brings us to the GM exhibit. Nice dioramas here.. Then we see an unidentified building, and then we go to a car stunt show. I know I saw a film about these cars in a film on here as well.. The show is sort of uneventful, light wheelies, sudden turns, etc. And thats ALL!

Really, Im finding the transportation exhibits a bit of a let down.. But still, Im loving these films..
Reviewer: ridetheory - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 11, 2004
Subject: Futurama
This reel has footage of the General Motors Futurama ride.

Partial shot list:

EXT Italy pavilion
TITLE "Brazils (sic) Contribution."
TITLE "View from the Brazilian Site."
(British Pavilion)
TITLE "The Coldstream Guards entertain."
(French Pavilion)
TITLE "Views from the French Pavilion."
TITLE "French Surrealism in furs."
TITLE "Stained glass Francaise."
TITLE "French Perfume Section."
TITLE "A day in the Transportation Area."
(Chrysler, aeronautics, Firestone, farm, Ford, Ferde Grofe, tractor)
EXT Futurama exterior, line
TITLE "The Highspot of the Fair; The Futurama."
(interior of ride, miniature landscapes camera travels to right)
Miniature highway and cloverleaf
Miniature highway with moving cars
Miniature city with skyscrapers

Some other related films:

More footage of the Futurama can be found in the official General Motors film "To New Horizons":

For a peek at a few scenes from the 1964 World's Fair version, "Futurama II", see the second part of "To the Fair":
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